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Faith Reidenbach, CMPP, CHCP

Get things done right the first time! I’m a multi-award-winning writer who has collaborated with clinicians for more than 25 years. My specialties are journal publications, continuing professional education, and patient education/patient engagement materials. I have worked in all major therapeutic areas and most document types, including audio scripts, video scripts, and Web content.

You can count on me to be professional. I respond quickly to inquiries, I’m available when you need a teleconference, and I absolutely, positively honor deadlines. 

I’m well versed in best practices for CME/CPE projects and industry-sponsored research reports, and I teach a workshop called “Organizing the Biomedical Paper.” I also offer rare skills I acquired as a medical journalist in New York, where I led a team that met hourly deadlines. Entrust your project to me today and you’ll see why my clients return again and again!

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