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What Our Clients Say: Unsolicited Testimonials

  • [Our program director] was incredibly happy with the work you did. So thanks so much for that. — Vice president, medical education company, September 2014

  • Thank you so much for helping us with this project and for doing an excellent job on the manuscript! — Group publisher, medical communications company, June 2014

  • Our medical director reviewer was very pleased with your work. Thank you, as always, for a great draft. — Manager of human resources, medical communications company, May 2014

  • Thanks so much Faith. As always, you are so quick and efficient. Much appreciated. — Medical director, medical education company, March 2014

  • [My colleague] and I just had a status call with [our client] and they said they are "over the moon" with the presentations. Thank you for your continuous hard work. — Senior program manager, medical education company, February 2014

  • I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your summaries [of clinical trials]. It is such a pleasure to review such well-written, thorough, and error-free summaries. Thank you for making my job so much easier. — Editor, medical communications company

  • I know you've been writing for us for a long time...and your work is always high quality and on time, so I'd like to increase your rate. — Editor, online magazine

  • Bev, you are brilliant! The thinking in this [strategic analysis] is better than I could have done myself. — Director of medical communications, biotechnology company

  • I can't tell you how nice it is to work with quality, reliable writers like yourself. — Magazine editor

  • Thank you for another great call yesterday. [Our client] was impressed and I was very pleased with your analysis and strategic input. Keep up the great work — there is a job for you here any time! — Vice president, medical communications company

  • WOW! That is one of the best summaries I have ever read regarding [topic]! You're an ace! — Cancer surgeon, The Cooper Clinic at Craig Ranch

  • This [gap analysis] is genius. It takes a special kind of mind to put together something like this. — Director of medical communications, biotechnology company

  • I spoke with [our client] and she is good to go with the short and long [advisory board meeting] summaries. She said they were perfect! — Program director, medical communications company

  • Bev, this is great! I think you’ve done a very thorough analysis of the literature and provided good insights and recommendations....It’s clear that you are the expert in these types of analyses and I will definitely be calling on you again should another project like this come up. — Account manager, medical communications company

  • We are pleased with your [newsletter] articles and your quick turnaround, so we would like to increase your compensation. — University public information officer

  • Loved the supplement you wrote and so did my boss. — Director, clinical information services, medical communications company

  • FYI — very positive feedback from the client: “Thanks very much for excellent professional articles....I have no comments and happy to proceed.” — Account manager, medical communications company

  • We are very happy we have been able to work with you both on these programs and commend Bev on her ability to travel and do as much as she has been doing with us. She is awesome! There will hopefully be many more programs as a result of this one we can work together on. — Project manager, medical communications company

  • Our client was very happy with this manuscript — they have told us this several times. Thanks so much for your usual fabulous work. — Partner, medical communications company

  • Thanks for a great job on the posters! — Vice president, scientific strategy, medical communications company

  • Just wanted to let you know that the client really liked [the manuscript]. They rarely dish out praise but were very happy with the way the paper read. — Medical director, medical communications company

  • I just read the recently published safety review of [drug name]. The one you wrote is WAY better. Thanks for your excellent work on that manuscript. It was not an easy thing to write and you somehow managed to make it complete and accessible. — Director of scientific services, medical communications company

  • The full piece is really superb. You did a great job. — Senior investigator, National Cancer Institute, interviewed for a magazine article

  • Last night I read the revised version of [the curriculum module] and I was thrilled! — Assistant director, training institute

  • I just finished reviewing [the executive summary of the advisory board meeting]....You did an absolutely fantastic job....I thought the level of detail was perfect....Now you’re in the unenviable position of being the number one choice to write these reports! — Associate director, scientific services, medical communications company

  • Incredible job with this [gap analysis] project. — Vice president, scientific services, medical communications company

  • I have read through your excellent draft and really have no suggested changes. I am truly impressed by your work — may I ask if you have a background in this research area? — Professor of clinical neurophysiology, Karolinska Institute

  • What a pleasure working with you! This paper is much better than anything I would have written by myself. — Professor of psychiatry, Mount Sinai School of Medicine

  • The manuscript looks terrific! It is well written and I think should be a well received review....Thank you for all your hard work. — Professor of cardiology, Duke University

  • We love you guys....We particularly appreciate the speed at which you deliver high-quality products to us. — Manager, medical writing services, medical communications company

  • Our client is very pleased with your work. Thank you for all your efforts to make this and other programs happen for us. You are helping us succeed with a new client, and it is very much appreciated! — Managing editor, medical communications company

  • This [literature review] is a clear example of high-value, high-impact analysis and reporting. This document will be a valuable resource for the team. — Pharmaceutical company executive

  • You are most excellent! I’m in awe...Thank you for all your superb and timely work. — Creative director, medical education company

  • You totally rock! — Account executive, medical communications company

  • The paper looks wonderful. You have done a fine job in getting the literature together....I am feeling very pleased with your work and our collaboration on this project. Hopefully we can do some more soon. — Private client for medical writing services

  • You are a miracle worker! — Private client for medical writing services